Jolly Knitting™

Jolly Knitting  is a small online company based in Los Angeles, California. Jolly Steps started with the idea of providing happiness in a form of comfort. We chose the name Jolly because we highly promote positivity and happiness as the number one feedback we want to receive from our customers. 

Our hope we are able to bring exceptional value to our customers and build a brand that is known and regarded as happiness. The owners of this company have a profound love for Shoes. Knitting is our way of providing comfort. Our knitting shoes provides a silky and very durable experience. We know that with our continued persistence and customers, Jolly Steps will prosper. It is one thing to just sell products but another to sell products that are backed with love and care!

On behalf of the CEO Kofi Opare. We thank you four shopping with us!

Thank you for being a part of our team.